I handle business formation as well as drafting and review of partnership, incorporation, lease and other documents. I draft contracts of all kinds, including employment and independent contractor agreements, and do general business advising. I also help negotiate or mediate partnership dissolutions, other business or non-marital personal breakups, personal injury matters, contract and employment related disputes, and assist businesses with collections, contract enforcement and arbitration.

As a businessperson myself for many years, I give frank, informed advice. I also enjoy and encourage networking and resource sharing wherever possible. You will receive “full service” personalized help with your business or personal matters, whether you are just setting up your business, moving to a new form of entity, or simply dealing with on-going business needs or problems as they come up.

As a mediator, I focus on helping to preserve some opening for future communication while settling the past through experienced, creative, and solution oriented work, drawing on my legal and business experience as well as common sense to help craft settlements that stand the test of time.

I work especially in business or other contract matters, partnership and business breakups, personal injury, and employment/sexual harassment cases. Please feel free to call me with any questions, or check with some of my sample clients noted here.

I work with entrepreneurs and independent professionals who want to simplify their lives in order to have more business, more money and more time. I work with individuals and businesses going through transitions who want to resolve disputes as positively and amicably as they can.

for more information, please contact by email rmetrailer@metrailer.com or
P.O. Box 215, Nevada City, CA 95959